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7 powerful ways a website can grow your business - Leo Web Services

Does your business have a website? Or do you feel your business doesn’t need one? Why is it important to have a website and how can it help your business grow? Today I’ll give you 7 very important reasons to show you just how valuable a website can be for your business.

1. A website makes your business visible to the world

Research suggests that up to 80% of people look up a business online to learn more about it before deciding to make a purchase. Simply put, if you don’t have a website, you’re not online and you’re losing potential customers.

Having a website for your business will allow services like Google to display it when people search for your products or services. If you don’t have a website, those people will probably never even find you. They’ll purchase from competitors who do have websites instead of you.

2. A website allows you to grow an audience

Imagine if thousands of people visit your website every month and sign up for a mailing list you post on the site. You’ll have convenient contact with thousands of potential customers that you can reach out to every time you have news or new products to share with them.

This can easily allow your website to pay for itself! For example if you pay $30 per month for your website and mailing list, but you earn $300 per month from the messages you send to your customers, having a website is a no-brainer!

Having an audience will also allow you to research your potential customers and get feedback on how they feel about your products or services. This type of information can only help you improve your business so that it grows better.

People are searching for you online. Do you have a website for them to find?

3. A website allows you to automatically answer common customer questions

What are some common questions you get from your clients? How much time do you spend answering them? Wouldn’t it be nice if they could find the answers to those questions quickly and easily without needing to contact you?

A website allows you to publish this information online so that everyone can access it any time they need it. You can have a “Frequently Asked Questions” section. You can let your visitors leave comments. Any question you answer via comments will be visible to all future visitors that have the same question.

A website can help you save time in this regard because clients can get their answers without needing to contact you. And that time you save can be used to do other activities to grow your business.

4. A website gives your business credibility

Research indicates that over 50% of people will not trust a business that doesn’t have a website. Even if you don’t offer any online services, the simple act of having a website makes your business feel more real to your clients.

People will want to learn more about your business before making purchasing decisions, and your website can give them all the information they need to trust you.

Additionally, a website allows you to showcase testimonials so that potential clients see that your business has actually done a good job at helping people and solving their problems.

If you don’t have a website, you’re missing great opportunities to earn people’s trust and loyalty for your business.

5. A website can make it easier for customers to purchase from you

You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase from you. A website can help you do that. Allowing customers to make quick purchases via an online payment gateway without needing to go to your physical location is a major convenience for them and a time-saver for you.

Or imagine if you run a hotel or agency business. An online booking or scheduling tool would make it easier for customers to sign up for your service, and it would save you the time of manually needing to coordinate and schedule it.

You can publish all your contact information anywhere you want on your site. You can provide contact forms or quick chat widgets. You can make it incredibly easy for your potential clients to reach out to you and increase the probability that they purchase from you.

6. A website opens opportunities of passive income for your business

A website gives you excellent opportunities to earn passive, recurring income. For example, if you regularly publish content on your website, not only will you grow traffic to your site, but you will have plenty of options to add affiliate links, ads, links to your own products and services, etc.

Having affiliate links and ads on your online posts allows you to earn money even if your visitors don’t purchase from you. This is an excellent way to generate a little extra revenue on the side while simultaneously increasing your brand’s awareness.

Even if you don’t use ads and affiliate links, the more pages and content you have on your site, the more opportunities you have to offer your own services and products. Clients often don’t buy until they see your message multiple times, so having it on multiple pages and posts on your website makes it much more likely that clients will be reminded of you and purchase from you.

7. A website allows you to control your image

What do you want people to see and think of when they think about your business? Having a website allows you to control that image completely. People will associate your brand, your slogan, your products, your message, etc. with what they see on your website.

On the converse side, if you don’t have a website, you’re opening up the possibility of someone else controlling your image. For example if your business is called “Super Cat Food” and a competitor builds a website using, people searching for you may arrive at your competitor’s site instead.

Does your business need a website?

If you’ve been running your business successfully for years without a website, then it’s easy to say you don’t need one. But whether or not your business needs a website, I hope that this post has allowed you to see that a website can definitely help your business grow, it can help save you time, and it can open up new opportunities to your business that can help you stand out from your competition.

If you want to learn more about how a website can help your business, schedule a free consultation with us. We’ll help you determine what’s best for your situation so that you can make the best decision for your business.

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